Multiple benefits are expected as a result of the programme “New Channels for Integration” of TCNs in the local community. As a whole, these benefits create more favourable conditions for the smooth integration of TCNs in the local and wider Cypriot society.

Major benefits include:

  • Strengthening of the confidence of TCNs in institutions of Cyprus and the EU
  • Enhancing the understanding and acceptance of diversity and the coexistence of TCNs and Cypriot citizens across different wards of social life
  • Improving the quality of life of a significant number of TCNs through support services and opportunities for participation in programme actions
  • Equipping TCNs with information and knowledge relating to their effective integration in the local community
  • Developing the capacity of involving TCNs associations in designing integration programmes and activities that respond to their needs
  • Upgrading the approaches of Local Authorities and other agencies to the social integration of TCNs
  • Consolidating the effective role of Local Authorities in the delivery of integration policies and services
  • Strengthening the networks of cooperation between Local Authorities, NGOs and other public sector agencies in meeting the challenges of TCNs’ integration
  • Enabling networking between TCNs associations and NGOs for collaboration, exchange of information and discussion of good practices.

Expected results in numbers: 

  • More than 1200 TCNs and 800 Cypriot and European citizens are expected to participate in networking and other activities of the Programme
  • Participants are expected to act as catalysts and multipliers of the impact of the current program, leading to an increasing number of participants in future actions