The integration of Third Country Nationals (TCNs) in the local community

The role of Local Authorities in the process of integration of TCNs is vital in contemporary multicultural societies. They are closer to the citizens and can be a catalyst in fighting against social exclusion, discrimination and social inequality and in promoting the equal participation of vulnerable groups of population is local life and social cohesion. The increasing flows of TCNs towards European countries and the unprecedented humanistic crisis make initiatives promoting the integration of TCNs in local communities more imperative than ever.

Nicosia is a city with a living legacy of coexistence of diverse civilizations and people and a unique identity shaped by an amalgam of cultural influences through the ages. The Municipality of Nicosia with its Multifunctional Foundation and the Municipality of Engomi uphold this legacy together with the principles and values of contemporary democratic pluralistic societies and join forces in the period July 2020 – December 2021 to assist the integration of  TCNs locally and in Cypriot society through the programme “New Channels for Integration” .

Together they continue the pledge made by this pioneering programme when initiated in 2012: To foster truly open and cohesive local communities and conditions enabling progress and well-being for all. With co-funding from the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund of the EU and the Republic of Cyprus in the framework of the project “Integration Programmes by Local Authorities” programme partners:

  • Create opportunities for participation, acquaintance and interaction among citizens of local and other ethnic origins.
  • Provide services to TCNs that improve their everyday life and empower them to actively deal with encountered difficulties and barriers to their social integration.
  • Promote the adaptation of the receiving local community and TCNs to the contemporary multicultural socioeconomic context, respect to diversity, self-determination irrespective of race, origins or religion and all fundamental human rights.

Message of the Mayor of Nicosia, Constantinos Yiorkadjis
“Nicosia embraces all its people.  There is no place for social, mental or other forms of division and exclusion in a contemporary society wishing to progress. Social inclusion is at the forefront of our policies and actions. Considerable efforts and resources are allocated to its cause.  TCNs living and working among us are a vulnerable group of population that makes a significant contribution to our society and economy.  In the last seven years “New Channels for Integration” has indeed created new paths for their integration in Cyprus. We have fostered mutual trust and respect and established new communication, participation and interaction channels.  We are pleased that Integration Programmes by Local Authorities run throughout Cyprus today.”


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