Social care services for TCN’s children aged 5-12 years during the school period (Nicosia Municipal Multifunctional Foundation)

  • The programme will operate during the school period September 2020 to June 2021 and September 2021 to December 2021
  • Timetable: Monday-Friday, 13:05 -18:00 (school days) and 7:00-18:00 (Christmas/Easter/other public holidays)
  • Transfer of children from school by bus and provision of hot lunch and afternoon snack
  • Guidance and support for homework and school assignments
  • Educational, recreational and creative activities (chess, ballet, violin, zumba kids etc.)

Full day care and creative engagement services for children of TCNs aged 5-12 years during Summer holidays (Nicosia Municipal Multifunctional Foundation)

  • The programme will operate during 2 periods: July 2020-September 2020, with restricted activities in line with COVID-19 protocols and June 2021 –September 2021
  • Timetable: Monday-Friday, 7:00-18:00 (except public holidays and August 17-21)
  • Activities such as swimming, ping pong, pottery, self-defense, yoga, art, music, cooking, confectionery, excursions, visits and experiential learning activities

Counseling and social support services (Nicosia Municipal Multifunctional Foundation)

  • One to one in person counseling for individuals, parents and families with members with special needs
  • Counseling services through the helpline “We keep you company”
  • Networking guidance and information on the services provided by the programme, governmental and non-governmental services and actions concerning TCNs, guidance on integration matters and participation in local integration actions etc.
  • The services will be provided at the Information and Support Centre for TCNs – KEPLYM in Palouriotissa and at the Information Office for TCNs at Plateia Ipirou (near Solomos Square) as well as in nearby areas and locations that TCNs frequent.



Cultural identity preservation programme for children of Chinese origins (Nicosia Municipal Multifunctional Foundation)

  • Offered in collaboration with the Cyprus-China Art, Culture and Education Centre, every Saturday during the school period
  • Classes offered: Chinese language, Chinese art and calligraphy etc.

Cultural identity preservation programme for children of Arab origins (Nicosia Municipal Multifunctional Foundation)

  •  Offered in collaboration with the Cypriot-Arab Cultural Centre, every Sunday during the school period
  • Classes offered: Arabic Language , Arabic Culture, Art and Society and Arabic Cuisine
  • Sports Activities

Orientation and social skills seminars for TCN adults (NVK Advent Consulting Ltd)

Seminars on the management of emotions and situations in relation to migration or/ and protection of TCNs related to sexual harassment and violence at work (NVK Advent Consulting Ltd)



Experiential Workshops for adult TCNs delivered by the world renowned Singer/Composer Alexia Vassilliou’s from her Music Outreach Programme ” Re-bE – Social Inclusion and Integration” (Losadeal Ltd)

  • Variety of creative exercises and activities aiming to empower the participants and develop their feelings of acceptance and belonging through personal creative expression.

 Experiential Culture and Creativity Workshop for adult TCNs (Losadeal Ltd)

  • Creative activities, team exercises and use of mixed media for the creation of pieces with reference to the participants’ cultures. The aim is to showcase the value of multiculturalism through creative expression and the interaction between various cultures.

Music education and percussion workshops for TCN children in collaboration with SISTEMA CYPRUS (Nicosia Municipal Multifunctional Foundation)

  • The workshops will be offered over a 12-week period, 4 hours a week during the Summer period June – September 2021



Experiential, interactive workshops for TCN children and Cypriot Children Losadeal Ltd)

  • Games, interactive storytelling activities and exercises that will give the children the opportunity to get to know each other while at the same time promoting the ideas of acceptance and appreciation of diversity

Folk Dance Festival with the participation and collaboration of Cypriot and TCN groups and communities (Engomi Municipality)

  • Presentation of traditional dances, songs and games from Cyprus and Third Countries
  • Opportunity for interaction and collaboration between participants through music and games
  • Presentation of wedding customs and traditional products



Operation and further development of the Network of Cooperation of TCNs Organisations, NGOs and Local Authorities (Nicosia Municipality with the contribution of NVK Advent Consulting Ltd and the participation of all project partners)

  • Networking actions by all project partners throughout the duration of the project
  • Approaching new TCN groups and individuals through campaigning in places frequented by TCNs to inform about project actions, events etc.
  • Guidance in matters of organization of TCN groups(e.g. for the organization of a cultural, sporting or other event)
  • Participation in events organised by TCNs

Network of Cooperation forum for Migrant organisations, NGOs and Local Authorities (Nicosia Municipality with the contribution of NVK Advent Consulting Ltd and the participation of all project partners)

  • Organisation of Forums in order to continue the dialogue between Network members for the participative planning and collaboration in pivotal actions for the integration of TCNs in the local community