Christmas festivities of groups of the Filipino community on 18/12/16, facilitated by Nicosia Municipal Multifunctional Foundation’s information and networking office for the immigrants
Meeting of the Network of Cooperation of immigrants’associations, NGOs and Local Authorities on 13/12/16 – Subject: Combating stereotypes and bias at work and the social life of immigrants

Final Event – Press Conference for the results of the programme of 2016, on 9/12/16
Christmas Fair with multicultural colour at Ayios Dhometios Municipality on 3/12/16
The finals of the Cricket Tournament at Lakatamia on 27/11/16
The draw of the teams for the semi-finals and moments from the semi-finals of the Cricket Tournament at Lakatamia on 13/11/16
Moments from the first games of the Cricket Tournament at Lakatamia on 28/10/16
Moments from the meeting of the Network of Cooperation of Immigrants Organisations, NGOs and Local Authorities on 23/10/16 – Subject: The role of TCNs in achieving sustainable waste management goals
Moments from the training and draw of pairs of teams for the cricket championship organised by Lakatamia Municipality
Moments from the active participation of TCNs in the seminar organised by Ayios Dhometios Municipality on 16/10/16
Moments from the International Folklore Festival of Lakatamia Municipality on 25/9/2016
The Mayor of Nicosia attended the 2nd annual IFTAR Ramadan The Power in our Peaceful Coexistence at Omeriye Mosque, organised on the occasion of the Holy Month of Ramadan on Sunday, 3/7/16
Attendance of the Philippine Independence Day celebrations at Acropolis park by members of the New Channels for Integration team of Ayios Dhometios Municipality 26/6/2016
Celebration of the 118th Anniversary of the Philippine Independence Day 19/6/16
Bus Tour for TCNs in Nicosia 5/6/16
Multicultural Children’s Festival at Ayios Dhometios 28/5/16
Volleyball Tournament – 11/04/2016
Traditional Games Festival orgnanised by Engomi Municipality on Easter Tuesday
TCNs Religious Celebrations – 19/04/2016
Cultural Identity Preservation Programme for TCNs
Opening Press Conference – 17/2/2016
Signing the Grant Agreement for the Project 12/1/2016