The Programme “New Channels for Integration” is implemented in 2019 for the eighth consecutive year. It builds on the valuable experiences of previous years, the relations of mutual trust and communication with individual TCNs and their organised groups, but also the participative ethos of TCN communities themselves.

The Programme delivers multiple actions designed to support different dimensions of the process of integration of TCNs in Cypriot society.

Hundreds of TCNs are expected to benefit from the following programme’s actions in 2019:

  • Social care and psycho-social support services for adults and children
  • Workshops and seminars offering empowerment, orientation and information
  • Opportunities for intercultural exchange and cultural expression
  • Cultural identity preservation programmes
  • Training in sports and participation in sports games
  • Opportunities for diverse forms of interaction with the local community
  • Νetworking and collaboration activities between organised and informal groups of TCNs with Local Authorities and other local organisations.

The Programme is implemented as a collaborative project by Nicosia Municipality, as the Coordinator – Final Beneficiary, and its partners Lakatamia Municipality, Nicosia Municipal Multifunctional Foundation and the consultants «NVK Advent Consulting» and “Losadeal Ltd“ as Final Beneficiaries. It is co-funded by the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund of the EU (90%) and the Republic of Cyprus (10%).