Social Support Programmes  

Daily social care services for children of TCNs

  • Transfer of children from school by bus and provision of hot meal
  • Guidance and support for regular homework and special school assignments
  • Creative activities (art, educational games using contemporary electronic and interactive media, open air games, introduction to multiculturalism and diversity concepts) (Nicosia Municipal Multifunctional   Foundation)

Cultural identity preservation programmes

  • Language and culture lessons of their country of origin for TCN children (Nicosia Municipal Multifunctional   Foundation)

Psychological and social support services for TCNs

  • Counseling to individuals and families
  • Other information and support services (Nicosia Municipal Multifunctional   Foundation)
  • Individual  counseling (Ayios Dhometios Municipality)

Services by the Information and Support Centre for TCNs (KEPLYM)

  • Provision of social and counseling services, information for networking with TCN associations or organized groups and other NGOs, and information on local actions for the integration of TCNs (hosted at  Pallouriotissa multipurpose municipal centre -Old Pallouriotissa Market).
  • Provision of guidance and information on the services provided by KEPLYM and all programme partners, and other social services in the city,  at the Information Office  for TCNs, located in the easily accessible greater area of Solomos Square (Plateia Ipirou).
    (Nicosia Municipal Multifunctional   Foundation)

Orientation and information programmes

  • Seminars “Get to know Cyprus” (Nicosia Municipal Multifunctional Foundation)
  • Seminars on “Cyprus and EU Institutions” (Ayios Dhometios Municipality)

Cultural Exchange Events

  • Folk Games and Dances Festival for TCNs, Cypriot και European citizens.
    (Engomi Municipality)
  • Multi-cultural children’s Festival in the context of the International Children’s Day. (Ayios Dhometios Municipality)
  • Participation of TCNs in the local Christmas Market, enriched with a variety of cultural events and traditional foods. (Ayios Dhometios Municipality)
  • Folk Dance Festival with the participation of Cypriot and TCNs dance groups, involving also their collaboration and engagement in learning dances from other countries.  (Lakatamia Municipality)

Sports Activities

  • Cricket championship with the participation of TCNs, Cypriot and other European citizens.
    (Lakatamia Municipality)

Networking and cooperation between associations of TCNs, NGOs and Local Authorities

  • Operation and further development of the Network of Cooperation of TCNs Organisations, NGOs and Local Authorities, launched by Nicosia Municipality in 2012, as a forum for consultation, participative planning of actions and collaboration in pivotal actions for the integration of TCNs in the local community.
    (Nicosia Municipality in collaboration with all project partners)